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Trecento - 12 Songs and instrumental pieces from fourteenth-century Italy (1330-1400)

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Trecento  - 12 Songs and instrumental pieces from fourteenth-century Italy (1330-1400) - Trouvere Medieval Minstrels

This is the fifth in the series of booklets of medieval music produced by Paul Leigh and Gill Page of Trouvere. These booklets are our own editions of medieval pieces, and in all cases based on our own examination of the original sources in facsimile. They are intended as introductory collections for anyone who is interested in playing medieval music and can read modern musical notation.

‘Trecento’ focuses on two fourteenth-century manuscripts of Italian music: the Rossi Codex 215, and British Library Add. Ms. 29987, two of the outstanding sources for music of the Italian trecento. The first, the Codex Rossiano 215, contains a collection of polyphonic and monophonic songs, from which we have selected two madrigals and four ballate. British Library Add. Ms 29987 also contains vocal music but is perhaps better known for its pages of instrumental dance music, and we have selected several
of these tunes.

The Songs:
1 Quanto i oselli canta
2 Chiamando, un' astorella
3 Che ti zova
4 Amor mi fa cantar
5 Per tropo fede
6 Lucente stella

The Dances
7 Ghaetta
8 Belicha
9 Saltarello Two
10 Saltarello Four
11 Lamento di Tristano & La Rotta
12 La Manfredina & La Rotta della Manfredina