Approval Service

Approval Service

At the Early Music Shop we know how important it is to have the option of trying out instruments before you buy them. That's why we offer an approval service. You can try a few instruments at home to compare them and make sure that you are choosing the right one for you! 

This service is great if you can't make it to Saltaire, London or one of our pop-up shops but want to try out instruments. It can also be useful to narrow down instruments in-store and take away a couple (or just one!) to make the final decision at home.

The benefits of the approval service are numerous:

  • you can try the instruments in a familiar setting
  • you can play in your groups and see if it blends well
  • you can take them to a lesson for your teacher to see
  • you can make a comfortable decision

Interested in using our approval service? Why not contact us or talk to a member of staff in-store today. 

Our standard approval charge is £10 + usual postage. Please note our approval service is to help you choose the right instrument, and playing should be limited to 10 minutes per day. It is not a hiring service! If you are interested in hiring an instrument, check out hiring instruments from the Early Music Shop 

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