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Previously Owned Instruments

At the Early Music Shop we offer a range of previously-owned Early Music instruments. Browse all the available instruments here:

Looking to sell your instrument?

Maybe you want to upgrade your instrument, perhaps you have an instrument that is no longer being played, or you have been left a collection of instruments and don't play yourself? Why not contact us, get some money and know your instrument(s) are going to a new owner to be played!

Sell your instrument(s) in three easy steps!

1. Contact Us & Receive a Provisional Quote

Contact Alfie with details of your instrument, and if possible a picture. We'll then give you a provisional buying quote.

Email: | Phone: 01274 288100

2. Send your Instrument & Receive an Agreement

Send in your instrument to us, either in person in one of our showrooms, or through a collection organised by us. Once we have assessed your instrument we will send through an official quote and agreement for you to sign.

3. Get paid!

We'll pay you for your instrument before or after the sale, depending on your agreement. 

Which instruments do we buy?

We sell a huge variety of early music instruments and are interested in all medieval, renaissance and baroque instruments, including recorders, viols, lutes, harps, crumhorns, early keyboards and much more. Not sure what your instrument is? Simply email us a photo and we can give you more information!

Why choose us?

We have over 50 years experience of selling early music instruments and have customers worldwide, so who better to find a new home for your instrument!