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Click here for our latest message to our customers!
Click here for our latest message to our customers!

VAT Free Purchases


All customers from outside the EU can buy VATable products ex VAT both online and in-store. VAT applies to all new products (except printed materials such as sheet music, facsimiles and books). VAT (value added tax) is currently 20% in the UK.

Calculating VAT

All our prices are shown including VAT both online and in-store. To calculate the ex VAT price of a VATable product divide the price by 1.2. For example:

Mollenhauer Denner Sopranino Recorder - £185. Ex VAT price = £185/1.2 = £154.17.

Online customers

All overseas customers (outside the EU) can purchase VATable products without paying VAT. On our website all the prices are shown including VAT and VAT will be included when you place an order. When we process the order we will amend your order to the correct total excluding VAT. We amend the order before capturing payment

For example the following order would be processed as follows:

Items Total ordered Total charged ex VAT
Mollenhauer Denner Sopranino in boxwood  £185 £154.17
Handel: Complete Recorder Sonatas £25 £25
Shipping £19.50 £19.50
Order total £229.50 £198.67


All VATable products will be discounted as shown above and not charged. However, these deductions will not be shown on your original order or order confirmation, but will happen when the order is processed before payment is taken.

In-store customers

Any overseas customer (outside the EU) buying VATable products in-store can claim back VAT. The VAT must be paid at the time of the order and can be claimed back at customs. For further details speak to our team in-store who can assist.