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Susato Penny Whistle in Bb

by Susato
£63.75 excluding VAT (UK Export Price)

Susato Penny Whistle in Bb 

Susato whistles are designed by George Kelischek and manufactured in our own shop in Brasstown, North Carolina. Susato whistles feature a number of innovations that add up to create a truly excellent instrument. The whistles are easy to play, with a bright and responsive sound that many professional musicians prefer. Our pennywhistles are played all around the world!

  • All models feature a curved wind-way which contributes to a rich, bright sound and easy overblowing into the higher octave.
  • Our Susato key system makes longer, lower voiced whistles playable without undue stretch and hand fatigue.
  • Oval tone holes are used where those are easier to cover than round holes.
  • Customers can purchase economical whistle sets by choosing one head section and multiple bodies.
  • Two piece models make transport and storage of longer, lower pitched whistles easier.
  • Two piece models allow pitch adjustment by pulling the joint in or out.
  • Unlike metal whistles, ABS plastic does not conduct heat as fast as metal and maintains a more stable pitch with temperature changes.
  • ABS plastic is highly durable and impervious to moisture.
  • Serrated joints on Kildare models retain joint grease much longer and allow for repeatable fine tuning changes.
  • The adjustable snap-on thumbrest can be moved to a preferred position for comfortable playing.