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Recorder31 Day 29 | A Video from Sounds Historical

Recorder31 Day 29 | A Video from Sounds Historical

Later today we'll be sharing our final promotion of Recorder31, a cross-section of our recorder catalogue at The Early Music Shop, with very limited-time deals on a wide range of exciting instruments. First, though, we thought you'd enjoy some lunchtime music, courtesy of our friends in Sounds Historical.

Sounds Historical are a four-piece ensemble specialising in early music, featuring Heidi Fardell, Mary Tyers, Alison Kinder and Lynda Sayce. Their repertoire spans the medieval to the 18th century – performing on an exciting array of period instruments including viols, recorders, theorbo, baroque flute and more.

Dedicated customers of The Early Music Shop in Saltaire may recognise group member Mary Tyers as our fantastic recorder tutor who visits us to teach lessons every month!

For Recorder31 today, we're delighted to share their recording of Canzon uber dass Henner und Hannergeschrey by Poglietti (c1600-1683), arranged by group member Lynda Sayce.

Alessandro Poglietti was a 17th century composer, known predominantly for his keyboard music, with many of his works using programmatic devices. Sounds Historical perform an excerpt of Canzon uber dass Henner und Hannergeschrey by Poglietti (arranged by Lynda Sayce) which imitates hens and cockerels - you can really hear the chickens pecking in the rhythm! Listen out for two recorders being played at the same time, or a deliberate note poking out to bring to life the squawks and clucks of the chickens!

Sounds Historical continue with their tour of their Bird Fancyer’s Delight programme throughout October, November and February. For more information please visit their website by clicking here.


The Sound of Recorder Music!

Each day this month we're highlighting an audio clip of a recorder from our extensive range. Today we hear the brand-new Mollenhauer Fipple soprano recorder, in plastic and maple, which is available. These make fantastic instruments for young players or those wanting to stand out with a colourful recorder! They are in stock now and available to order for immediate despatch. Listen to the clips below or follow this link to find out more about these instruments.

Van Eyck Nightingale:

Sammartini Allegro:


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