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Recorder31 Day 28 | WIN a Mollenhauer Denner Edition soprano recorder worth £950!

Recorder31 Day 28 | WIN a Mollenhauer Denner Edition soprano recorder worth £950!

Welcome to the final week of this year's Recorder31 – and we have a super treat for you today! An amazingly high-quality instrument could be yours in today's giveaway...
WIN a Mollenhauer Denner Edition soprano recorder worth £950

Courtesy of our friends at Mollenhauer, we have an incredible prize for today's giveaway. This brand new handmade Denner Edition Soprano Recorder in Grenadilla is worth a whopping £950 and we have one to give to a reader of Recorder31.

All you need to do to enter is the following:

  1. Visit our social media pages on either Facebook, Twitter or Instagram and make sure you are following our account.
  2. Share/repost today's post relating to the Mollenhauer Denner Edition giveaway.
  3. Tag two of your musical friends in the comments of the post (maybe they may wish to enter too!)

Not on social media? We've been contacted by a few customers who wish to enter but do not use social media platforms. We'd love you to help spread the word about EMS and Recorder31 on social media, but if you don't have accounts, simply comment on our post below and we'll count it as an entry.

MS and Recorder31

About this instrument...

The Mollenhauer Denner Edition 1104 soprano is made of grenadilla, has heavily undercut tone holes, a bushed thumbhole and threaded joints. The recorder is supplied in an attractive half-moon leather case.

In 2002, three years after the death of perhaps one of the greatest recorder makers Fred Morgan, Mollenhauer and the Morgan family began working together on a design of Denner alto and soprano to add to Mollenhauer’s already established and award winning Denner series. This partnership has resulted in high quality, well designed instruments becoming available to a wide circle of players. Morgan based his alto design on an instrument by Jacob Denner (1681-1735) from the Copenhagen Museum and undertook the complicated task of converting it into an instrument at a=440 whilst still retaining the essential characteristics of the original design. After years of careful research he designed a brilliant instrument that was faithful to the original in all but pitch. Based on this design, Mollenhauer present an instrument whose design features include a specially stabilised block to help prevent swelling and blocking and a curved windway with concave internal surfaces to make tonal variation easier to produce. With a clear upper octave and stable low notes this instrument also has a clear and full tone.

Click here to read Mollenhauer's brochure about their Denner Edition recorders.


The Sound of Recorder Music

The Sound of Recorder Music!

Each day this month we're highlighting an audio clip of a recorder from our extensive range. As it's the prize for today's giveaway, we thought it would be fitting to feature the Mollenhauer Denner Edition Soprano in Grenadilla! Listen to the clips below or follow this link to find out more about this instrument.

Mollenhauer Denner Edition Soprano in Grenadilla

Van Eyck Nightingale:

Sammartini Allegro:


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Grietje - August 31, 2023

I love the Mollenhauer Denner range and I have the tenor and alto in pearwood (both from EMS). They are so easy to play and both have a beautiful sound. Grenadilla is way out of my budget, but what a beautiful instrument this Denner Edition soprano is!

I can only repeat what others have said about EMS: excellent service and very helpful knowledgeable advice. Highly recommended!

(I tried to enter this competition on FB but sadly EMS had to take the post down because of spammers. Don’t have Twitter or Instagram)

Roger Smith - August 31, 2023

I broke my old Mollenhauer Denner Soprano at Dartington Summer School, it rolled off a chair, during a concerto performance and went crack. I did cry and sigh, but I superglued it and the glue ran off and it glued my shoe to the floor! With my virtuosic fingers and timbral explorations upon this soprano recorder I could really make it sing! Love to win this beautiful instrument please. Roger Smith

Roger Smith - August 31, 2023

With my fast virtuosic fingers and sensitive timbral explorations upon the recorder I could really make this Mollenhauer Denner Soprano sing. I already own a very old one, but alas during a recorder concerto it rolled off the chair at Dartington Summer School and crack it went, and I did sigh and literally cry when I saw the damage! So I superglued it almost as good as new,but the glue ran down on me shoe and I almost stuck that to the floor as well!

Hassan - August 31, 2023

Thanks for the opportunity to try and win this amazing Denner Edition soprano!

Izzy - August 31, 2023

Yes please! Would love to win this, gorgeous sound.

Jeremy - August 30, 2023

Wow! I would love to win this beautiful soprano recorder.
Thanks EMS for this chance!

Andrew - August 30, 2023

What a wonderful instrument & what a wonderful opportunity. Yes, I would love to enter a competition to win this amazing recorder.

Michaela - August 29, 2023

What a beautiful instrument. Would love to win a Denner. I have shopped with both Saltaire and London stores, fantastic service, lady at London recommended some music for me, while Saltaire sent me 3 second hand recorders on approval and I purchased a super Moeck Rotte in ebony. Can thoughly recommend.”

Heather Richardson - August 29, 2023

I already own a wooden Mollenhauer alto recorder and it is a fantastic instrument: the tone is outstanding and playing it is a pleasure. The higher and lower notes are easy to play, clear and very stable. The workmanship, as with so many German products, is outstanding. I would love to own a Mollenhauer Denner soprano recorder also. This comment is in place of a social media post, as recommended as an alternative for entering your competition.

Andrew Kay - August 29, 2023

This is a good way to learn about the sounds of different recorders.

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