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EMS & Team Recorder: Choosing a wooden recorder

EMS & Team Recorder: Choosing a wooden recorder

We're partnered with Team Recorder's Sarah Jeffery for some videos and live streams over the next couple of weeks. Here is the first video comparing mid-price Moeck, Mollenhauer and Kung recorders.  

All the recorders Sarah has compared in the video can be sent on approval and bought from us. And what's more, there is free worldwide shipping on all of them!

Moeck Rondo in maple
Moeck Rottenburgh in boxwood
Mollenhauer Canta in pearwood
Mollenhauer Denner in boxwood
Küng Studio in maple
Küng Superio in boxwood

Don't miss our live stream on Tuesday 5th March at 17.00 (BST) where you can ask Sarah questions about these recorders and much more! 

Live stream with Sarah Jeffery


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