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Everything you need to know about building a Bizzi harpsichord kit

Everything you need to know about building a Bizzi harpsichord kit

For over 50 years the Early Music Shop has been providing kits of Early Music instruments to customers all across the world. There are many reasons to buy an instrument kit: you're interested in instrument building, you want to make an instrument for a loved one who plays or maybe you simply want to save money. 

The new harpsichord kit from Bizzi is the best harpsichord kit yet. Once built, you will have your own Bizzi Studio Harpsichord. And thanks to the instructional DVD which comes with it, it has never been more simple!

Bizzi was founded in 1975 by Guido Bizzi and specialises in the production and restoration of historical musical instruments. Their manufacturing principles are based on the greatest harpsichord makers of the past; high quality combined with great efficiency and incredible productivity.

The following video from Guido and Lorenzo Bizzi is an introduction to their Studio Harpsichord Kit and what making it entails. It is completely possible for a novice to build this kit, but it is advised to have a certain inclination for crafting and a small amount of knowledge about what a harpsichord is.


Watched the video and got inspired to make one? Why not order this kit - after all what better project is there to start during these times!

➡️Studio Harpsichord Kit by Bizzi

Decided that making a harpsichord from this kit is not for you? No matter, we have the Studio harpsichord already made by Bizzi!

➡️Studio Harpsichord by Bizzi

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