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Early Music @ 1 - Friday 24th April

Early Music @ 1 - Friday 24th April

Today's video features fifteenth-century divisions performed by Amyas Ensemble (Dr Emily Baines and Arngeir Hauksson). The pieces are "Bel Fiore Danca" from the Faenza Codex and "La Spagna, Falla Con Misuras" from "De pratica seu arte tripudii" by Da Pesaro. Watch the video to find out more about this type of music and the instruments used in the performance! If you'd like to play some divisions yourself and see how this form of composition developed during the Renaissance and Baroque periods, have a look at our collection of sheet music based on divisions! 
Amyas Ensemble owes its very existence to the theatre. Its founding members met working at Shakespeare's Globe Theatre and began exploring other repertoire together whilst performing on Broadway. Many of the instruments the group performs on were ones which were popular in theatrical productions in the 16th, 17th and 18th Centuries and their performances often have a very theatrical flair!
Find all upcoming performances and more information about them on their website or follow them on Facebook!
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