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Wenner Alto Recorder after Stanesby Jnr in European Boxwood a=415

by Wenner
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This professional, handmade alto recorder by Martin Wenner is after a recorder made by Thomas Stanesby, “Junior” (1692–1754) at a=415. This reproduction is after a recorder made in boxwood by Stanesby around 1720, currently in a private collection. It has been wonderfully preserved and is exquisite to play.

Wenner's reproduction is at modern pitch and maintains many playing and sound characteristics of the original. This Stanesby recorder is made in European boxwood like the original. It has a clear, round tone and the boxwood gives you full dynamic and expressive sound ranges to explore.

This recorder comes in an attractive cloth roll case, with a cleaning stick and Wenner's beautifully scented recorder oil. It is available stained (pictured) or unstained.