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Various: French Baroque Duets for 2 Alto Recorders

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In France at the beginning of the 18th century the transverse flute became very popular, and dozens of volumes of suites were published for one flute or more (with or without bass). On the title-page of many publications of that period the violin, oboe and recorder are mentioned as alternative instruments, on the recorder the pieces generally have to be played a minor third higher. This volume offers a selection of works by the best French wind composers (Hotteterre, Pierre Philidor, La Barre, Montéclair), transposed for the recorder. It includes Hotteterre's well-known D minor suite, as far as we know, this is the first printed edition in which the 'Passacaille' can be played without page-turning.

  • Monteclair: Cinquieme concert
  • Philidor: Deuxieme suitte
  • Philidor: Unzieme suitte
  • Hotteterre: Deuxieme Suitte
  • Hotteterre: Premiere suitte
  • La Barre, Michel de: [Dix-septieme suite]
  • La Barre, Michel de: XXI. suite