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Various: Concert Book for Alto Recorder and Keyboard

by Schott
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A collection of pieces for alto recorder and keyboard from over 4 centuries! From renaissance, through the baroque to modern compositions written especially or this volume.


  • D. Ortiz:  Recercada quinta pars sobre tenores italianos
  • D. Purcell: Sonata in F Major
  • R. de Visée: Selections from Pièces de theorbe et de luth
  • J.C. Schickhardt: Sonata in C Major
  • G. Bononcini: Sonat in Bb Major
  • G. Bononcini: Sonata in F Major
  • G.B. Somis: Sinfonia (Sonata) in F Major
  • F. Barsanti: Sonata in C Major
  • J.J. Quantz: Sonate Nr. 4 in G Major
  • G.P. Telemann: Hochzeitsdivertissement
  • Anon: Faronell’s Ground
  • Anon: Johney Cock thy Beavor
  • Anon: An Italian Ground)
  • A.M.di Lucca: Sonate in C Major
  • W.A. Mozart: 4th movement from Serenade in F KV 213
  • W.A. Mozart: 2nd movement from Serenade in Bb KV 439, Anhang 229
  • J.X. Lefèvre: 3rd movement from Sonata in F Major
  • A. Diabelli: 1st movement from Sonatine in C op. 163
  • H. Genzmer: Sonata
  • H. Poser: No. 2 from 7 Stücke für Altblockflöte und Klavier
  • H.-M. Linde: Ricercar
  • B. Heller: 4 Bilder für Altblockflöte und Klavier
  • R. Mohrs:Prélude
  • R. Mohrs: Valse
  • K.v. Steenhoven: Brief im Wind
  • M.-Chr. Dieterich: GEsA träumt/GEsA is dreaming