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Trad: American Folk Music for Soprano Recorder

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American Folk Music is just right for Recorder. The are 34 songs in this collection, from the lyrical beauty of Amazing Grace and Shenandoah to the rollicking good fun of Lane County Bachelor and Old Joe Clark, these tunes will keep you playing and keep your listeners dancing and singing.

All of the tunes are notated for soprano recorder. They can be played on recorder alone, or with piano, guitar, or any chord instrument. Chord symbols are included with the music. The lyrics are included in the book. Lyrics can help with learning rhythm, or with memorization of the melody. They allow the player to sing as well as play, or to invite others to sing along. Besides, they are fun. The Play-along audio files has separate channels for recorder and piano accompaniment. The audio files includes all of the tunes, with Jessica Walsh on recorder and Andrew D. Gordon on piano followed by a Piano only Play-Along, featuring wonderful piano accompaniments arranged by Anita Briggs.