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Rebec by Fabio Chiari

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A rebec after 12th century instruments by Italian master luthier Fabio Chiari. This instrument is made exclusively with Italian woods including maple, willow and poplar.

About the rebec

The rebec originated around the 10th century and was used throughout the medieval period until the early Renaissance. It started as a courtly instrument, but throughout the centuries its appeal to the courtly class lessened and it became more of a "rustic" instrument.

The rebec is typically depicted as having 3 strings, however variants are known to have had between 2 and 5 strings. We know from various sources that the rebec was usually tuned in 5ths, though less is known about the pitches. The sound is described in all sources as high pitched, and often compared to a woman's voice. By 1545, Agricola gives the pitches as G, d, a - the same as the bottom three strings of a violin. Other sources give the pitches as d, a, e - the same as the top three strings of a violin.