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Mollenhauer Elody Special Recorder

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Mollenhauer's Electronic Alto Recorder 'Elody' in special design. An instrument akin to the Modern Harmonic Alto recorder, the Elody has an innovative, cool design, strong tone, and has a built-in adaptor making it an electric recorder.

Four years of research have led to the development of the most distinctive recorder so far. The Elody can be played both as an electric recorder within various band contexts and acoustically in the traditional way playing standard repertoire. Every Elody recorder has been fitted with a discreet pickup which can easily be connected to any common effects unit. This opens up previously unknown or inaccessible opportunities in the electro-acoustic sound world for all recorder players. Additionally, the acoustic sound of Elody is highly convincing and makes the Elody recorder suitable for use in all types of music. Finally it offers another way to raise the image of the recorder.  

Please contact us to discuss which finish you would like to order. Sample photographs can be viewed below.

Each Elody is made of pearwood, has a foot-joint with E extension and triple key for E/ F/ F-sharp and is finished with an airbrush design and gloss varnish. An innovative thumb rest made from soft synthetic rubber is an integral part of every Elody. The skin-friendly material provides the right hand thumb with a surprisingly stable grip without disturbing agility.  

Range: e'–e-flat'''', a' = 442 Hz 

Each Elody recorder package contains:

    Cable for connection to electronic equipment

    CD – Vintgar - Kaleidoscope

    Aluminium case
    Cleaning rod wood
    Joint grease
    Fingering chart
    Maintenance instructions

Click here to read Mollenhauer's brochure about their Elody range of recorders.