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Medieval Music in the Dales • Medieval Women: Music Makers and Muses (CD)

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Medieval Women: Music Makers and Muses - CD - Medieval Music in the Dales 2022

The theme of 2022 festival was Medieval Women: Music Makers and Muses, and just as it sounds we are going to focus on the music medieval women might have made and enjoyed. But we are also letting ourselves focus on some of the amazing women musicians working right now in medieval music - so all the principal performers at the festival and on the CD are women. 

CD features:

  • Amor Céu from Finland: singer and artistic director Aino Peltomaa, clavisimbalist Anna-Maaria Oramo, vielle player Eira Karlson, with Corina Marti on recorder.
  • Elisabeth Pawelke from Germany: singer and harp player, founder member of Faun and now with Ensemble Almara
  • Silke Gwendolyn Shulze from Germany: multi-wind-instrumentalist extraordinaire
  • Stef Conner (UK) with Hanna Marti (Switzerland): two amazing performers and composers who specialise in 'lost' early music 
  • Vivien Ellis (UK: The Dufay Collective, Alva) and Leah Stuttard (UK: Ensemble Micrologus and others): two wonderfully skilled musicians working together at MMitD
  • Juliette Primrose (New Zealand, now based in UK): a superbly skilled vielle player
  • The trio Voice (UK) - simply sublime blending of voices from these three singers 
  • Cait Webb (UK): a multi-instrumentalist (and medieval dance specialist) with Gaita, Scotland's leading medieval music ensemble
  • Gill Page (UK): one of Trouvere and the director of Medieval Music in the Dales


ODP033 • Released 2022