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Gamut Academie Baroque Violin 3rd/D Lyon String - Medium

by Gamut
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  • Gauge: 1.04mm
  • Tension: Medium
  • Length: Single Length
  • Type: Lyon

This is a single length, (24"), single twist Lyon style string made with beef serosa. Natural strings are hand- rubbed with a light oil. The string comes with plain, unknotted ends. 

Named after the town in France which was famous for a particular type of flexible gut string. From the 16th Century these strings were recommended as being some of the best strings for basses. Gamut's reproduction of this string is made from gut specially processed in our shop to be soft and responsive. The gut is twisted in one direction to about 45 degrees for the optimum combination of durability and flexibility. The Lyon string is not as flexible as the Pistoy string. Both Lyon and Pistoy can be used for the same string positions. The Lyon should be preferred when a little extra stiffness is required under the bow or finger. This type of string is characterized by a tight and visible twist. The color tends toward opaque light to medium yellow.

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