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EMS Soprano Cornamuse

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We are delighted to introduce our range of cornamuse, the first of a series of exciting projects between EMS and Jo Kunath. The cornamuse is a windcap instrument, which resembles a straight crumhorn. Both instruments have a similar range but the cornamuse has a slightly softer tone due in part to its closed bell, which allows it to blend well with other instruments such as recorders.

The new EMS cornamusen, made from seasoned maple, are available in four sizes, soprano, alto, tenor and bass.

The EMS soprano cornamuse has a plastic reed and two upward extension keys, giving a range of c' - f''. Each cornamuse is supplied with an EMS plastic reed and tuned by our experienced in-house woodwind technician at the Saltaire workshops. The instrument comes with a two year warranty.