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EMS 6 String Knee Harp Kit

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EMS Knee Harp Kit designed for easy assembly without the need for specialised skills or tools. The harp body is pre-assembled and simply requires sanding and polishing before finally fitting the strings and tuning. 

The 6 string Knee Harp is an inexpensive, but beautifully built miniature harp. This harp can be a starter instrument for a young child or a beautiful decoration for any home.

The harp is made of beech with a laminated soundboard with Celtic style carvings. The harp is nylon strung and is supplied with a tuning key and strings.

  • Range: .9 octaves
  • Range: 6 notes
  • Lowest Note: F6 (3rd F above middle C)
  • Highest Note: C7 (3 octaves above middle C)
  • Height: 20cm
  • Weight: 0.4kg

NB: This harp is supplied in kit form for simple home assembly. 


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