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Biordi: Scales and Arpeggios for Viola da Gamba

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Preface by Biordi:

This book has been written for intermediate level viola da gamba students, as a working tool to assist them in their study of scales and arpeggios in every key, covering the instrument’s full extension.

The scales and arpeggios develop over two, three or, when possible, four octaves.

Some fingering has been included to allow the students to play in parts of the fingerboard rarely used, but of fundamental importance in the study of the more complex repertoire of this instrument.

I decided it would be useful to include only the essential fingerings, although in particular cases fingerings have been added to make for easier reading. All position shifts have been indicated. Those notes without fingering are intended to be played without position changes until indicated.

In the three-octave scales I used fingering that requires the use of a 4-4 position change, as often appears in Marin Marais’s works for viola da gamba.