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Aquila Theorbo 97NGE Nylgut Elastic Lute String x 180cm long

by Aquila
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Aquila Theorbo 97NGE Nylgut Elastic Lute String x 180cm long

Aquila's popular new nylgut elastic lute strings.

  • Gauge: 0.97mm (equivalent gut gauge)
  • Length: 180cm

These strings are specifically designed for particularly long diapasons of Archlutes, Chitarrones and Theorbos.

Their main feature is certainly their prompt and bright acoustic performance, comparable (as Theorbo diapasons) with that of loaded gut strings, noticeably superior to that of plain gut. Also to be noted is the remarkable resistance to wear and tear and the stability against climatic changes.

It is a special version of new Nylgut, i.e. partially elastic.