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6 String Baroque Guitar after Sellas by Early Music Shop

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Based on an instrument made by Giorgio Sellas in 1627, which may be seen in the Ashmolean Museum in Oxford. This guitar has been modified to feature six single strings to allow access to the wider guitar repertoire. The back is made of alternate ribs of walnut and lacewood with fillets of ebony. The soundboard is from Sitka spruce with inlays. Supplied with semi rigid padded case.

  • Length: 926mm
  • Width (widest): 267mm
  • Depth (deepest arch): 93mm
  • Nut to Bridge: 656mm

    6 strings Tuned A415 - Schedule - Aquila e, a, d, g, b, e'
    (For spare strings, simply use the product codes below to search our website)

    1st course e’ – 1 x AQUL48NG
    2nd course b – 1 x AQUL60NG 
    3rd course g – 1 x AQUL70NG 
    4th course d - 1 x AQUL94NG
    5th course a - 1 x AQUL64NG
    6th course e - 1 x AQUL85NG

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