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10 Course Renaissance Lute after Matteo Sellas by Marco Golinelli

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10 Course Renaissance Lute after Matteo Sellas by Marco Golinelli - 

Liuteria d'insieme including hard case.

This fifteen rib Sellas body results in a lute with a wide soundboard and a bowl that is not too deep, a feature that makes it particularly comfortable to hold despite its size. Due to its characteristics it is suitable for the construction of lutes that extend into the low register (8, and 10 course), as its size can give fullness and strength to the lower courses.

Model:                    Matteo Sellas
Vibrating length:  620-640 mm
Shell:                     15 ribs, flamed maple, A grade
Soundboard:         Fiemme Valley red spruce, extra grade
Soundboard half edging:  Ebony, 3 mm
Bridge:                   Pearwood, ebony layer on top
Neck:                     Maple
Fingerboard:         Ebony
Pegbox:                 Maple
Pegs:                     Ebony
End Peg:               Ebony (strap button)
Finish:                   Shellac, French polish
Nut:                       Natural bone
Strings:                 Pyramid
Hard case:            RCH

Note: As this is a handmade lute, the actual lute supplied may vary slightly from the photographs shown, so please ask for details of the current model in stock.

Marco Golinelli attended City Lutherie School in Milan studying the construction of musical instruments with master luthiers Tiziano Rizzi and Lorenzo Lippi and musical instruments restoration with master luthier Gabriele Negri where he specialized in building instruments of the lute family as well as early guitars and mandolins.

Since 2001 he started working together with Stefano Zanderighi, a project that would eventually led to the birth of the Liuteria d’Insieme workshop in 2003. His work is characterised by great care in researching on original models and early building and painting methods. The instruments he builds are distinguished by their great fidelity to original models without losing sight of building details and characterised by a rich and dynamic sound.