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Recorder31 - Day 16

Recorder31 - Day 16

For Day16, we are delighted to have caught up with EMS Chairman, Chris Butler, and ask him a few questions about Recorder31.

  • How has lockdown been for EMS? What has been the most challenging thing? What positives have emerged?

As for all businesses lockdown came as a shock and a challenge - it certainly wasn’t in the script. However as a team we decided to be as positive as possible, concentrating on our online business and trying to find new ways of engaging with our customers worldwide. We’ve been really grateful for their encouragement and support

  • Tell us a bit more about about Recorder31 - where did the idea come from?

Every month during lockdown we have sat down as a team to plan a range of activities. August has traditionally been an ‘on the road’ month for us attending any number of summer schools and courses, particularly recorder based, so we decided to come up with a whole raft of recorder initiatives, one for every day in August, hence Recorder31.

  • What has been your favourite thing about Recorder31 so far?

Speaking to the makers and players has been fascinating and the series of Q&As and ‘In conversation’ interviews have been so revealing. We’re really grateful to Palisander, Tabea Debus and Jo Kunath for giving us their time and insights (Palisander Q&A, Tabea Debus Q&A and ‘In Conversation’ with Jo Kunath). We’ve got a few more up our sleeve over the rest of the month.

  • What is your favourite type of recorder?

For me it’s hard to have a favourite, but who wouldn’t be impressed by the bass instruments! (See our ‘Bass & Beyond’ promotion here). What is encouraging is the constant innovation that takes place in the recorder world: new models, materials and designs. It’s a tribute to the makers and we’re delighted to be in partnership with them especially at this time.

  • How do you see the next few months for EMS?

Obviously it’s impossible to look too far ahead and different parts of the world are at different stages of recovery, but we are pressing ahead with our festival this year, albeit virtually, and we hope that will be interesting and appealing to exhibitors and musicians alike.  At the beginning of lockdown our first aim was to survive(!), but now we are looking forward to the challenges ahead with enthusiasm and optimism. 

Chris Butler, Chairman

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