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Recorder31 - Day 15

Recorder31 - Day 15

This weekend we're featuring basses, including great basses and contra basses - the big beasts of the recorder family. The bass recorder has had plenty of attention from the major makers and there are signature instruments from Moeck, Mollenhauer, Kung, Aura, and Paetzold by Kunath. As usual there are plastic and wooden models available immediately from EMS with prices to suit all budgets.

The bass recorder isn't as low-pitched as we often think, as the bottom note is only a fifth below middle C. This is due to recorders being "4-foot" instruments. That is where the bigger recorders come in. The great-bass goes an octave below middle C and the contra-bass goes to the F at the bottom of the bass clef. And it doesn't stop there! The Paetzold design allows for even lower instruments an octave below these again; the sub-great bass and sub-contra bass. Excitingly their range is growing with a sub-sub great bass, something Jo Kunath talks about during our "in conversation with".

Our bass & beyond promotion will run all weekend and you can place orders online or make an appointment to see these wonderful instruments in our Saltaire showroom by emailing

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Our bass & beyond feature starts at 18.00 (BST) on Friday 14th August and ends at 11.59 (PT) on Sunday 16th August. Promotion only available while stock lasts.

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