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Recorder31 Day 4 | Friday Fun!

Recorder31 Day 4 | Friday Fun!

Welcome to the first of two posts for today's Recorder31. Later on we'll have some very special offers for you in the soprano recorder category, but for now, it's time for the first Friday Fun of this year's season!

Today we have a wordsearch for you, where of course the theme is words and phrases connected to the recorder.

Bonus points if you can spot two words or phrases connected to The Early Music Shop!

Click here to view/download the wordsearch in PDF format.


The Sound of Recorder Music!

Each day this month we're highlighting an audio clip of a recorder from our extensive range. Today we spotlight the Moeck School Soprano recorder in pearwood. This entry-level wooden instrument has a strong sound and is especially designed for young, improving musicians. Click here to view!

Sammartini Allegro:

Van Eyck Nightingale:


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