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Recorder31 Day 30 | Star Buys in our Big Recorder31 Round-Up!

Recorder31 Day 30 | Star Buys in our Big Recorder31 Round-Up!

Yesterday we launched our final Recorder31 promotion, The Big Recorder31 Round-Up, which features big savings on 60 instruments representing a cross-section of our recorder catalogue.

Explore the collection here!

Today we're pleased to add four ⭐ STAR BUYS ⭐ to the collection, with bigger than ever savings on these hand-selected instruments ONLY until 31 August 23:59PT. Check out the star buys below or follow through to the collection page for more information.

⭐ Previously Owned Bressan by Blezinger Tenor Recorder in Stained Boxwood ⭐

Was £1250  Now £1125

A rarely-seen model in our Previously Owned catalogue, this tenor recorder by German maker Stefan Blezinger is in brilliant condition and is an extremely high-quality tenor recorder with a sound suited ideally to both solo and ensemble playing. Shop now!

⭐ Moeck Rottenburgh Alto Recorder in Palisander ⭐

Was £620  Now £560

From the ever-bestselling Rottenburgh range comes this brilliant alto recorder in palisander. It produces a warm, rounded sound which is rich in overtones and finished with the usual Moeck attention to detail. An amazing price for a great instrument. Shop now!

⭐ Previously Owned Paetzold by Kunath SOLO Knick Tenor Recorder ⭐

Was £1250  Now £1125

This Previously Owned instrument is in excellent condition and plays beautifully. It is one of Kunath's 3D-printed resin Paetzold instruments, and is lightweight and ergonomic to hold and play. Shop now!

⭐ Mollenhauer Dream Soprano Recorder in Pearwood (Red Finish, Double Holes) ⭐

Was £128  Now £115

This fantastic instrument by Mollenhauer is very popular with musicians playing Renaissance and traditional music due to its wide bore and large tone holes. It produces a strong, warm sound and comes in a distinctive and attractive red and gold finish. Shop now!


Shop the full collection now for great savings on a range of different instruments. Click here or on the image below to explore...

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