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Recorder31 Day 25 | Friday Fun!

Recorder31 Day 25 | Friday Fun!

We're heading into the final weekend of August, which of course means we have our weekend promotion to come this evening at 6pm BST. However, as is our Recorder31 tradition, it's first time for some Friday Fun!

Today we have a challenge for you! Last year we set you a challenge to write recorder limericks and we loved your responses. So we thought we'd resurrect the challenge with a different poem style:

Recorder Haikus!

A haiku is a poem format originating in Japan, consisting of three lines: the first with five syllables, the second with seven syllables and the third with five syllables.

That only gives you seventeen syllables to play with in total, but you'd be amazed how much you can cram into those few precious words...

We'd love you to send us your haikus on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, or by commenting on this blog post. We'll give a £25 EMS gift card to the author of our favourite haiku!

Here's a couple of examples to get you started!

Crafted from wood with
Soft air blown across the block,
Mellow, clear and pure.

How much they mock us,
But we stand defiantly:
Recorders are cool!

Have fun: we can't wait to see what you write!


The Sound of Recorder Music!

Each day this month we're highlighting an audio clip of a recorder from our extensive range. Küng's Superio Alto in Palisander is a powerful-sounding instrument which marks a step up from their entry-level Studio range. It's a comfortable recorder to hold, and has impressive expressive range. Listen to the clips below or follow this link to find out more about this instrument.

Vivaldi La Notte:

Bach Sarabande:


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Natalie Örnkvist - August 27, 2023

Here’s some Haikus. The first ones also obeying the tradition of a seasonal word or something to do with nature:
In spring or summer
The recorder can mimick
Birdsong in the trees.

Oh bass recorder,
Your deep sound doth remind me
of autumn’s darkness.

In winter I play
The recorder for comfort,
It warms my spirit.

My sopranino -
What a spitely, joyful sound
Like larks in the sky.

Artfully crafted,
A velvety, rich, sweet sound
Finest recorder.

Plastic or wooden,
There’s a recorder for all
Children or adults.

Shrill and out-of-tune -
Pupils playing recorders –
Lord grant me patience!

Gary Wells - August 27, 2023

The recorder sweet
Sings and kisses in my ear
To bring the heavens

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