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Recorder31 Day 14 | Accessories & Sheet Music Galore!

Recorder31 Day 14 | Accessories & Sheet Music Galore!

The instrument itself is only the start! Today at Recorder31, we're sharing this extensive collection of essential accessories to satisfy every recorder player's needs.


Recorder31 Day 14 Accessories & Sheet Music Galore!


Stands, thumb rests, maintenance kits, joint grease, multi-cases: we've got you covered!

The collection also includes a selection of sheet music books - our top-selling recorder titles! Explore the collection and perhaps today's the day to buy yourself some new music to get stuck into this August...

Featured in the collection...

Recorder Consort Stand (for six recorders) by The Early Music Shop

Our new Recorder Consort Stand for six recorders, available exclusively at The Early Music Shop. This robust yet light-weight recorder stand, with a base of approximately 250mm in diameter, is made from solid wood with detachable wooden dowels. It fits six recorders – garklein, sopranino, soprano, alto, tenor and bass – and is also suitable for varying combinations of these sizes (e.g. two sopranos). Available for immediate despatch: only £42.50!

EMS 6 Slot Fleece Lined Recorder Roll Bag, Black Canvas Exterior

EMS 6 slot fleece lined recorder roll bag, with black canvas exterior. A very competitively priced roll bag, which will accommodate soprano, alto and tenor recorders together. The pockets are generous enough to take a soprano in one piece, or a tenor middle joint. A very convenient way of carrying recorders in combination. Fleece lined for extra padding and warmth. Only £40!

Recorder Oil by Moeck

Recorder Oil and Anticondensant Fluid by Moeck. Great for maintaining your recorder in tip-top condition. Available for £7.50 each!

Mollenhauer Cork Grease Stick

This handy recorder Joint Grease Stick by Mollenhauer is perfectly sized to fit in your music bag or recorder case and will keep the corks on your recorder nice and smooth. A bargain at just £4.25!

Click here to view the whole collection!


top-selling recorder titles



The Sound of the Recorder Music!

The Sound of Recorder Music!

Each day this month we're highlighting an audio clip of a recorder from our extensive range. Today it's the turn of the Mollenhauer Denner Soprano in Palisander. Modelled after an original by Jacob Denner, this instrument has a strong and clear tone. Listen to the clips below or follow this link to find out more about this instrument.

Mollenhauer Denner Soprano in Palisander

Van Eyck Nightingale:

Sammartini Allegro:


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