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Early Music @ 1 - Wednesday 8th April

Early Music @ 1 - Wednesday 8th April

Today’s video features some more beautiful singing by Ariane Rees, this time accompanied by frame drum. The two songs you hear are Sephardic songs from medieval Spain where this type of vocal music has its roots. The first one is called “Esta montaña d'enfrente”, the second song is called “Hija Mia” and Ariane will tell you more about the songs in the video! If you'd like to find out more about medieval percussion instruments, why not have a look at our collection of frame drums and medieval drums!
Sephardic Music: Medieval Roots | Jewish Music Week in Toronto

Ariane Rees studied opera in Germany before moving to London and doing a postgraduate course at the Royal Academy of Music and obtaining a Recital Diploma. She has performed early to contemporary music all over the world and now lives in Hastings where she has a growing singing teaching practice. You can find all upcoming concerts and information about singing and piano lessons on her website. In recent years Ariane has recorded several well-received CDs with medieval group The Telling!

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David Brand - April 16, 2020

Thank you, Ariane.

That was lovely – and very unusual.

Esperanza - April 10, 2020

Very sweet .I enjoyed a lot. Than you

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