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Early Music @ 1 - Wednesday 22nd April

Early Music @ 1 - Wednesday 22nd April


In today's video Lizzie Gutteridge uses three different chalumeaux and electronics to create wonderful and colourful arrangements of songs by Playford and Ravenscroft. The pieces featured are "The Devil's Dream", "Chestnut" and "He who would an alehouse keep". If you'd like to find out more about the instruments, why not browse our collection of chalumeaux! Lizzie has published editions of Playford dances for chalumeau, duets for two chalumeaux, and some of her arrangements are available on CD.

Lizzie has studied with some of the country’s leading Renaissance wind players at Cambridge and Dartington summer schools and at Guildhall. She plays a wide range of historical instruments, including shawms, bagpipes, recorders, curtals and fiddles. Lizzie performs up and down the country, in and out of historical costume, as a member of Blondel and The York Waits. Follow Lizzie on Facebook or have a look at her website to find out about upcoming performances, or listen to more recordings on Youtube!

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