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Early Music @ 1 - Monday 18th May

Early Music @ 1 - Monday 18th May

We're delighted to welcome keyboard specialist Petra Hajduchova to Early Music @ 1! In today's video she plays "Chaconne in F Major" from Johann Caspar Ferdinand Fischer's Musical Parnassus for us. If you're looking for new music to play, why not browse our collection of sheet music or facsimiles for keyboard!


Petra is a classically trained musician, with an interest in a wide range of musical genres. She completed her studies in 2011 at Trinity College of Music, London and was awarded a TCM Scholarship and the Raymond Russel Prize.
As a member of Prima Vista Duo with Adel Sahnoun (flute), Petra won the June Emerson Wind Music Launchpad Prize. She was a finalist of Juventudes Musicales de España 2018 as a duo with Isabel Esain (viola da gamba).
Before coming to the UK, she was active as an accompanist and organist in Salzburg, having the rare privilege of being Mozart's successor at St Peter's Church.


Since arriving in the UK, Petra has made numerous radio and television broadcasts, including a live broadcast on BBC Radio 3, recording the soundtrack for BBC's Wolf Hall (Debbie Wiseman) and the ITV period drama series Victoria (Ruth Barrett). She recently featured on a CD of music by the Moravian composer Gottfried Finger with The Harmonious Society of Tickle-Fiddle Gentlemen.

In addition to performing, Petra enjoys teaching piano and harpsichord and has participated in several educational projects with the English Concert, Amadè Players and London Piano Masters. Find out about all upcoming performances and projects on her website
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