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Early Music @ 1 - Monday 4th May

Early Music @ 1 - Monday 4th May

In today's video Lizzie Gutteridge performs three pieces from the court of Henry VIII using a variety of instruments and electronics. The first piece is called "Gentil Prince" and is played on shawms of different sizes, including a bass! The second pieces is by William Cornish and is a puzzle canon called "Ah Robin". The last piece is "Pastime with good company" played on a consort of crumhorns. 
Lizzie has studied with some of the country’s leading Renaissance wind players at Cambridge and Dartington summer schools and at Guildhall. She plays a wide range of historical instruments, including shawms, bagpipes, recorders, curtals and fiddles. Lizzie performs up and down the country, in and out of historical costume, as a member of Blondel and The York Waits. Follow Lizzie on Facebook or have a look at her website to find out about upcoming performances, or listen to more recordings on Youtube!
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