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Wenner Voice Flute after Denner in Maracaibo Boxwood (a=415)

by Wenner
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This handmade voice flute (tenor recorder in D) is made after J. Chr. Denner by German maker Martin Wenner. This recorder is made of maracaibo boxwood and pitched at a=415. It is the perfect instrument for playing French baroque repertoire, as well as playing baroque flute repertoire at its original pitch.

The Denner family was one of Europe’s most important and well-known woodwind instrument makers of the 18th century. Originals of their famous recorders are widely copied by many instrument makers and can be found in various museums and private collections around the world. They were all constructed in a similar way and some in fact still play marvellously. The instrument’s wide bore produces a broad and earthy sound, replicated in this voice flute by Wenner.

Maracaibo boxwood produces a broad, round tone and is lightweight which helps with the size and stretch of the instrument. Without compromising on a full tone, it is a cheaper alternative to Wenner's Voiceflute in European boxwood. This voice flute comes with a decorative case and Wenner's oil.