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Wenner Baroque Flute after Palanca in European Boxwood (a=415)

by Wenner
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This handmade baroque flute after Palanca by German maker Martin Wenner is our best-selling baroque flute model. It is perfect for beginners to the baroque flute, especially modern flautists, due to its oval embouchure.

Wenner's Palanca flute is a universal instrument that covers a wide-range of flute repertoire. It is especially suited for music by Locatelli, Platti, Händel and also J. S. Bach. As such, it is highly recommended by all the baroque flute teachers at UK music conservatoires!

Carlo Palanca was an active bassoon player and instrument maker in Turin, where he died aged 95 in 1783. Unlike other baroque flutes, Palanca's instrument has an oval embouchure which gives a more powerful sound than a round embouchure. 

The original Palanca flute, in a private collection in Frankfurt, is made of ebony which focusses the sound even more. Nevertheless, it is not a “crude” instrument, but rather offers the player a wide range of tonal shades. The usually very muted cross-fingered notes such as F, G# and Bb are especially robust and dense on this flute.

This flute is made of stained European boxwood which, like Wenner's Palanca in grenadilla, has a strong sound. The boxwood is not as brilliant in tone, but has a rich, sonorous quality which is suited to more intimate playing. It comes with a decorative, handmade soft case and Wenner's care oil.