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Tomkins: Fifteen Dances

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Transcribed and edited by Stephen D. Tuttle and revised by Thurston Dart and John Irving.


Galliard: Earl Strafford (Short version)
Galliard of Three Parts
Galliard: September 7th 1654
Lady Folliott’s Galliard
Pavan: Earl Strafford (short version)
Pavan of Three Parts
Pavan: Lord Canterbury
Pavan: September 10th 1647
Pavan: September 14th 1647
Pavan: August 20th 1650
Pavan: September 4th 1654
Sad Pavan (for these distracted times)
Short Pavan: July 19th 1654
Toy: Made at Poole Court
Worster Brawls