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EMS Theorbo with Padded Bag by The Early Music Shop

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£1,791.67 excluding VAT (UK Export Price)
We are grateful to David Parsons, the well known lutenist, for his guidance and help in creating this remarkably inexpensive theorbo (bass lute). The instrument is a large chitarrone/theorbo of early 17th century and pattern based on a surviving instrument by Beuchenberg with 6 fingered single courses and 8 diapasons.

Now includes a padded bag, but a hard case is available for better long-term protection.

String length: 88.5cms (fingerboard) 159.3cms (basses)
Tuning: a e b g d A with the diapasons G F E D C B A G

Total Length: 180cm

Width: 37cm

Depth: 15cm