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The Sixteen • The Deer's Cry (CD)

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Music by Arvo Pärt (b.1935) and William Byrd  (c.1540-1623) with Thomas Tallis (c.1505-85)

Whilst coming from very different eras, William Byrd and Arvo Pärt are both considered masters of sacred music despite having faced considerable persecution for their work. This programme presents six of William Byrd’s works from the Cantiones Sacrae including the monumental Tribue, Domine, and the mighty eight-voice motet Ad Dominum cum tribularer. The three works by Arvo Pärt speak in his unmistakable voice, with its unique blend of ancient and modern, and include his mesmerising Nunc dimittis which is crafted in his bell-like ‘tinitinnabuli’ style.




  1. Byrd Diliges Dominum
  2. Byrd Christe qui lux es et dies
  3. Pärt The Deer’s Cry
  4. Byrd Emendemus in melius    
  5. Pärt The Woman with the Alabaster Box  
  6. Byrd Miserere mihi, Domine       
  7. Byrd Ad Dominum cum tribularer      
  8. Tallis / Byrd Miserere nostri
  9. Tallis When Jesus went
  10. Byrd O lux beata Trinitas
  11. Pärt Nunc dimittis
  12. Byrd Laetentur coeli
  13. Byrd Tribue, Domine

COR16140 • Released 2016