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The Living History Tune Book: Book 1 - Volume 2 Medieval 12th - 15th Centuries

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Medieval – Vol II 12th – 15th Centuries

Living History Tune Books

Jane Moulder has researched and published this highly successful series of tune books which have been designed to give an introduction to the music of each period.  Containing background information on instruments, musicians and performance practices of the period.  They contain predominantly dance tunes and are suitable for a range of melody instruments.

Tunes in this volume are:

A l’entrada del tens clar, Amoroso, Anello, Fille a Marier, Helas Madame, Beaulte, Bring us in good ale, Cantigas No 37, 42, 57, 100, 159, 353, Cuncti Simus, Danca Amoroso and Troto, Der Newe Pawir Schwantz, Dindiridin, Dit le Burguygon, Douce Dame Jolie, Ductia, Edi Beo Thu, Eglamour, Esperans, Ghaetta, Ingrata, La Danse de Cleves, La Francousie Nouvelle, La Pernette, La Quatre, Las Seste and La Tierche Estampies Royal, Le Gelosia, Los Set Goyts, Lys Beus Distonys, Miri it is, Pan de Miglio, Pavanna alla Ferrarese, Petit Riense, Piva alla Ferrerese, Polurum Regina, Rostibolli Gioso, Saltarello, Saltarello alla Venetiana, Souvent Souspir, Stella Splendens, Visin, Voltatie in Ca Eosina, Winter wie is nu dein kraft.