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Silverwood Flute – Boxwood Head, Red Body

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The Silverwood flute is in the key of D and has a tuneable hardwood head combined with an aluminium body to give all the advantages of more expensive wooden flutes, but at a much more affordable price. 

Click here to download a fingering chart

The wooden head on the Silverwood flute is crafted to give players the authentic feel and sound of a wooden head joint based on the famous Rudall Rose flutes much loved by players of Celtic music. The aluminium body has a couple of great advantages.  It is of course very robust and has a nice bright tone, but since it is of a smaller diameter than a wooden flute, the finger holes are much more easily reached by players with smaller hands.  The finger holes are also set out on the flute with smaller hands in mind. A great choice as a starter flute, or as a keyless flute to have in your gig bag.

This flute has a boxwood head and red body.  It comes with a simple bag and a tube of grease to keep the joint between the head and body lubricated.