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Serdoura: Method for the Baroque Lute

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Method for the Baroque Lute - A practical guide for beginning and advanced lutenists by Miguel Serdoura.


  1. History of the Baroque Lute
  2. The Lute Repertoire
  3. The Instrument
  4. Technique
  5. Pieces for Baroque Lute

This Method for the Baroque Lute can provide you with the technical and musical foundations required for a solid and comprehensive approach to playing the baroque lute. That is indeed the purpose, and challenge, of this book: to reach out to as many lute-lovers as possible, and give them the opportunity to express themselves via the baroque lute, however advanced they may be in their musical education. Its audience includes not just those who have never played a musical instrument, but also seasoned guitarists desirous of initiation into the mysteries of the baroque lute.