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'Recorder for Beginners: The Tudor Way!' by Paul Harris (Teacher's Book)

SKU EMS900106

Recorder for Beginners: The Tudor Way! by Paul Harris – the brand new recorder tutor from Jaywood Press. This teacher's book includes piano accompaniments for the pieces included in the pupil's book.

"The recorder has, for centuries, been one of the world’s most popular instruments. It was born in medieval times but was extremely popular in Tudor times — King Henry VIII was a very keen player!

So, in keeping with the recorder’s popularity in those times, here is a new and fun
tutor set (almost entirely) in those wonderfully colourful Tudor times. It takes the recorder player from absolute beginner to about Grade 1 standard.

Along this engaging journey, players will meet many characters and experiences from Tudor times and a number of works by contemporary composers (and some maybe just a little bit later, too). The book is written to be for individual, group or class teaching and for all ages.

If you’re about to begin this book, I hope you’ll find it most entertaining and enjoyable and I also hope it will initiate an exciting new experience for a great number of new recorder players." – Paul Harris

Click here to view the accompanying Pupil's Book.

Downloadable backing tracks and demonstration recordings included.