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Rat Scherzo 2 Lightweight Music Stand

by RAT
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The new Scherzo 2 Stand is an incredibly lightweight folding music stand. The stand weighs 0.675kg, considerably less than any other on the market, and comes complete with a nylon carry bag. The stand is made from aluminium with a black powder coat.

• The Scherzo Stand tray has two sheet holders to secure the scores to the
• A button found on the back of the tray allows the tray angle to be adjusted
using only one hand, making it easy and quick to alter the stand securely
• A strong stem clasp secures the tray height, and ensures that it will not slip
• The feet are made from a solid plasic for sturdiness, whilst not adding excess
weight. The new design allows the feet to fold upwards towards the stem of
the stand, making the scherzo stand even more compact for storage and

The Scherzo Stand comes complete with a nylon carry case and as a result
of its new design, it is now small enough to fit inside a standard backpack

  • Tray width: 460mm

  • Tray height: 290mm

  • Depth of tray lip: 35mm

  • Lowest height to bottom of score: 565mm

  • Tallest height to bottom of score: 1110mm

  • Weight: 0.675kg