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Pypker & Muskens • Marianna's Salon (CD)

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Joint winners of the 2018 Early Music Young Ensemble Competition

Tinka Pypker – soprano

Anders Muskens – fortepiano


Recorded live at St Margaret’s Church, Blackheath, London, as part of The London International Festival of Early Music.

1. La Scusa Cantata (179?) - Domenico Corigliano (1770–1838)

2. Keyboard Sonata in E flat (1780) - Marianna Auenbrugger (1759–1782)

I. Moderato

II. Largo

III. Rondo: Allegro

3. Deh si piacevoli, Funeral Ode - Antonio Salieri (1750–1825)

4. Abendempfindung an Laura, K.523 - Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (1756–1791)

Musical gatherings among friends and colleagues were an important part of social life in late 18th-century circles. These were important places for composers, patrons and musicians to network and present music together. This programme is comprised of relatively unknown music sampled from late 18th-century salons in Vienna and Naples.

The programme depicts the cycle of human life by celebrating the life of Marianna Auenbruggen – a talented Viennese noble lady and friend of Haydn, Mozart, and Salieri, who died far too young. The programme begins with a cheeky, youthful Anacreontic cantata by relatively unknown composer Domenico Corigliano, and proceeds to a more mature sonata by Marianna herself and a funeral ode written by Salieri to commemorate her untimely death. The programme concludes with a Mozart lied as a final farewell to the world, evoking the peace of passing. We hope to evoke the profound spectrum of Passions in this cycle.

EMSR001 • Released 2018