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Pavel Kolesnikov • Beethoven: Moonlight Sonata & Other Piano Music (CD)

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The ‘abundance of intelligence’ in Pavel Kolesnikov’s pianism which so impressed Gramophone pays particular dividends in Beethoven, the ‘Moonlight’ sonata sounding newly minted in this remarkable reading.
‘Pavel Kolesnikov is an artist who likes to surprise and to delve into the more forgotten corners of the repertoire: who would have thought he’d follow his compelling Louis Couperin disc with Beethoven? And a disc on which the Moonlight Sonata features? But that is in a way a red herring, for he begins in much more obscure territory with four rarities, which are delightful. He conveys the jokiness of the second piece … without labouring the point, while the fourth contrasts a quiet playfulness, sudden outbreaks of ire and an otherworldly dreaminess. This links perfectly to Op 27 No 2, Kolesnikov’s sound nicely haloed in the whispered opening movement … the finale, beautifully pedalled, is suitably agitated and taken at a fearless speed … Hyperion has given Kolesnikov a beautifully natural recording, plus engaging notes from Richard Wigmore’ (Gramophone)
CDA68237 • Released 2018