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Paetzold MASTER Contra Bass Recorder in Blue Wave Finish by Kunath

£4,875.00 excluding VAT (UK Export Price)

Contra Bass in F, a=440, laminated birch, blue wave finish. Paetzold’s unique instruments are based on the principle of a cranked wooden organ pipe. The design makes use of a doubled over bore so that the overall size is reduced without any reduction in sound or pitch. It is not only the unconventional yet attractive appearance of these instruments that causes intrigue – the sound throughout their two octave range is very powerful and the large key pads allow for them to be played by enthusiasts with even the smallest of hands.

3 part construction, with spike, 2 octave chromatic range F2- G4, size (without spike) 155 cm, height of the air column ca. 172 cm, 2 pitch plates, normally played whilst seated. Case included.

  • Three part construction
  • Two octave range F2- G4
  • Made of laminated birchwood, blue wave finish
  • Pitch: a´= 442 Hz
  • Height 155cm
  • Two pitch plates
  • Includes instrument, hard case, two pitch plates, spike, fingering chart and manual
  • 3 year warranty

Cross stand for Contra Bass recorder
Head Cross Stand for Contra Bass recorder
Twin Stand for Contra Bass recorder