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Paetzold Head Cross Stand for Contra Bass in F

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£133.33 excluding VAT (UK Export Price)
Paetzold head cross stand for contra bass recorder in F, laminated birch. Fits in the case when disassembled.
This stand can support the instrument with the spike in place by placing the instrument upside down.

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Michael G.
New Zealand New Zealand

Review of head cross stand for contra bass recorder

The stand holds the upside-down instrument firmly as intended. However, the 8 round pieces of holding rubber create dark black skid marks down the recorder, like a tyre burnout on a road. These are very visible when the recorder is upright - a dark black mark 1 cm wide and 7 cm down the centre of each of the 4 sides at the top of the recorder, most conspicuous against the pale plywood. I noticed that the base of the recorder also had faint black marks from a similar stand that held the recorder upright - probably in the shop. So this may be a problem with other cross stands too. I found that I was able to clean the skid marks off using a paper towel and mineral turpentine, leaving no trace of the black marks at the top or bottom of the recorder. I have now placed a lint-free sheet inside the recorder stand and this allows it to be used without creating skid marks. However, I would have thought that Paetzold would have worked out a stand that made no marks when used as-bought. When lifting the recorder out of the stand, it is necessary to hook one's toes over the ends of the wood to lift the recorder out without the stand being lifted up too (this was the case before I added the lint-free sheet). The Paetzold head cross stand for contra bass recorder in F, in laminated birch, is quite expensive for what it is - two pieces of plywood with 5 flat pieces of rubber attached and 8 round pieces of rubber inserted into holes. I'm thinking most of the cost is in the extremely high quality plywood used - the same as that used for the wooden contra bass recorder.