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Mollenhauer Modern Soprano Recorder in Pearwood

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Mollenhauer 5916H Modern soprano (descant) pearwood with B-foot joint and triple key b/c/c#.This design was the product of collaboration between recorder virtuoso Nikolaj Tarasov and recorder maker Joachim Paetzold. A little longer than the conventional soprano, it gives these lower notes a significantly more powerful sound than is usual on soprano recorders and secondly, enables notes in the third octave to be played much more easily than on a conventional soprano. It has a strong, warm and very expressive sound that makes it a versatile instrument capable of playing music from the 18th century to present day. Suitable for playing within a pop, jazz or folk context, with a string orchestra or a piano trio, the dynamic range gets over the restrictions of traditional recorders with an incredible depth of tone and the ability to play softly in the upper registers. The recorder has a SYNPOR block, a synthetic block similar to cedar, which imitates the molecular structure of wood and which can absorb moisture humidity through its micropores.

With hard case, CD with sound examples, wiper wool, cork grease, fingering chart, maintenance instructions