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Mollenhauer Denner Edition Soprano Recorder in Stained Satinwood (a415)

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A unique hand-made instrument from Mollenhauer. This a=415 soprano is the latest in the Denner Edition range.

The Mollenhauer Denner Edition 1111D a=415 soprano is made of stained satinwood, has heavily undercut tone holes, a bushed thumbhole and threaded joints. The recorder is supplied in an attractive half-moon leather case.

  • Baroque fingering
  • Double hole
  • 3-piece
  • Made of stained satinwood
  • Pitch: a´= 415 Hz
  • Includes leather bag, cleaning rod, joint grease and fingering chart
  • Oil Included
  • 3 year warranty

In 2002, three years after the death of perhaps one of the greatest recorder makers Fred Morgan, Mollenhauer and the Morgan family began working together on a design of Denner alto and soprano to add to Mollenhauer’s already established and award winning Denner series. This partnership has resulted in high quality, well designed instruments becoming available to a wide circle of players. Morgan based his alto design on an instrument by Jacob Denner (1681-1735) from the Copenhagen Museum and undertook the complicated task of converting it into an instrument at a=440 whilst still retaining the essential characteristics of the original design. After years of careful research he designed a brilliant instrument that was faithful to the original in all but pitch. Based on this design, Mollenhauer present an instrument whose design features include a specially stabilised block to help prevent swelling and blocking and a curved windway with concave internal surfaces to make tonal variation easier to produce. With a clear upper octave and stable low notes this instrument also has a clear and full tone.

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